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While some people give chocolate and flowers for Mother’s Day, I decided to do something that my mother has always wanted. Her own rose garden. Of course many would not even know where to start when starting such a task but I found a solution for it.

While searching for garden roses for sale I found a very interesting online store that sells very appreciated rose plants from France.

Famous Roses is the website where I found what I was looking for. Their shop sells roses that are gardened in France and have a great variety of climbing rose and many other beautiful rose plants.

Before I started my online shopping I checked if they had a shipping option to Greece, since the store is based in Romania. Since I am not that good with ordering online I called the number on their website and I was surprised to encounter a good customer service. I told them what I was looking for and they said that I can place the order even in Greece.

I was trilled to hear that, and I started adding in my virtual cart a variety of roses.

I am not an expert in this field but I’ve choose the ones that looked more interesting to me. Among them was the Charles de Gaulle rose plant bred by Meilland Richardier. This rose has an unusual lilac purple pigment too and has large flowers when bloomed. Also the Charles de Gaulle was part of the Creme de la Creme category, dedicated to special breeds.

I bought 10 of Charles de Gaulle and other 10 climbing roses. I called back to the customer service again and they guided me to make the purchase. I was told that I ordered just in time because it was their annual period when they ship most of their products.

There were no delivery taxes because, for every order that surpasses the value of 139 euros, Famous Roses offers free delivery.

After a three days I received the lovely roses and started planting them.It was a total success and my mother absolutely adored the rose garden I planted.

Famous Roses are the best in business and i highly recommend they’re products!

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